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Alex. Australia. 27. Fangirl. Writer. (on A03)
I fucking love Katie so much
Anberlin, Little Mix, One Direction, Panic! at the Disco, Empires, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Hellogoodbye, Fall Out Boy, McFly, The Academy Is..., My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Blue October, Aqua, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin.
Elementary, Almost Human, Teen Wolf, Veronica Mars, Primeval, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, Merlin, Pushing Daisies, Lano and Woodley, Dollhouse, Dead Like Me, Community.
I also love tiny fluffy animals and things that make me laugh. I really love to laugh.
Bacteria is the only culture some people have.


  • Me: Liam Payne is actually ruining my life
  • Chelsea: What did he do now?
  • Chelsea: hahaha that's no excuse! How would you be if he was caught skinny dipping?
  • Me: oh my god don't even say that
  • Chelsea: mwahahahaah
  • Me: you know not what you have wrought with your careless words
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